Spring Blossoms

Every year our customers look forward to the arrival of the first delivery of Sign of Spring. This unusual beer is only available in from the beginning of March through to May. It is best known for its “beautiful translucent green” colour and is instantly recognisable. It is brewed by Stonehenge Brewery in Salisbury, who describe the beer as “incredibly smooth and rich in both malt and hop aroma”. At 4.3% avb, it is a fairly strong bitter, but is very easy to drink and tastes like a normal light beer. There is no doubt that part of the appeal of this ale is the novelty factor of drinking a green beer. Chef Billy Vasileiou recommends it with the Real Ale Beer Battered Haddock! Follow our social media platforms to see when it is first put on the pumps.

signs of spring 100.jpg
Lucy ArthurComment