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Our take on a classic

Fish and chips is a classic British dish that in recent years has become a regular on pub menus up and down the country. At the Watership it is one of the most popular things on our menu and something that we are often complimented on.  The haddock fillets, which come from the North Atlantic, are ordered in fresh every day which means that the fish has an excellent flavour. It is coated with our homemade beer batter which is prepared every day by the chefs. To make the batter they use one of our selection of local ales – this makes it crispy and flavoursome.  It is then served with our homemade pea purée and our twice-cooked chips to complete the Watership’s take on this classic British dish. Be sure to come in and give this a try soon: we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Something’s brewing

At the Watership we offer a selection of five local ales, all of which are brewed within a 30-mile radius of the pub.  This means that we offer customers who come from further afield something that they are unlikely to find in their local pubs. The most popular ale at the Watership without doubt is Scratch, which is brewed by Red Cat brewery in Winchester. It is an amber ale which has an alcohol percentage of 4. It is described as “Clean, refreshingly bitter and easy drinking” by the brewery, something that some of our regulars have found out to their cost.  Be sure to come in and sample our beers..

Christmas Dinner.JPG

Turkey to A T

We all have Christmas stories related to a disappointing turkey: either it was too dry, or lacked flavour. It can leave us wondering why we bother to keep up the tradition every year. But at the Watership, you won’t be let down. Our roast turkey is wrapped in bacon before being put into the oven. This helps to keep the juices inside the Turkey, and adds flavour. Try this delicious turkey with our homemade brandy and sage sauce, and you’re in for a treat. Book a table before 23rd December to make sure you don’t miss out.